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Don't bother, angel

I know exactly what goes on

19 March
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name: nicole.

age: 16.

profession: clog-dancer/rabbi.


DO NOT ADD ME IF: you're racist, you hate rabbis, you just want to beef up your user info page with a shiny new friend, your name is charlotte, you kill animals, you voted for bush, or if you smell really bad.

DO ADD ME IF: you share interests with me, you think i'm interesting, you're a famous moviestar and want me in your bed, you personally know me, or if we have similiar opinions.


i love romantic movies, no matter how corny. i love the beach, i love sand and water and sea breezes. i like to sing in public, which embarasses my family sometimes, lol. i can never find words to express my feelings, but i do try, and if you add me i hope you do too. i don't like people who bottle up their feelings and then feel bitter towards the people who let everything out. i'm a geek at heart. a hopeless romantic. i love to doodle and use watercolors, although i have verrrry little artistic abilities. i can talk for hours about nothing in particular. and i love the rain.